Bombshell Tip #2 | Boudoir Photographer Wichita, KS

Bombshell Tip #2: Marie-Kondo your closet!

Have a closet cleaning party! Get rid of things you don’t love (thank them if you must), and curate your wardrobe to make you feel great.

Wearing things that make you feel good about yourself will have an effect on your overall confidence. Throw on that pair of jeans that makes your booty pop or that shirt that makes your boobs look fabulous! Use fashion as a tool for your own self-confidence, not as some abstract and ever-changing standard you have to live up to.

If your closet is full of only things you love, you’ll always start your day off right!

Pro tip: I keep a notecard in the back pocket of every pair of jeans I own reminding me how it fits! Looking for “comfy and relaxed”? I know which pair to grab without trying six pair!

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