She said: “I truly felt like a work of art” | Boudoir by Wallflower review

ICYMI: Venus & Vixen | I have lots of ideas, so I created a pop-up sister brand called Venus & Vixen JUST to test those out! This interview is from one of my V&V girls after her client experience  <3

Tell me about you!

I am a native Wichitan with a couple of awesome pups, a kick-ass husband, and 4 awesome bonus kiddos. I love to travel and take pictures of all of my favorite things! I love trying new things and enjoy making the most of my time!

What brought you to Venus & Vixen?

I’ve been obsessed with Christina’s work for years! I love how she captures the essence and beauty of a woman but still gets strong, sexy shots. I also love that Christina gets in front of the camera and pushes the limits in the same ways she asks her clients to. It’s so refreshing to know that she would never ask her clients to do something she wasn’t willing to do herself.

What was your shoot like?

My entire experience was AMAZING. I had no idea what to wear or what to do, so I just brought items that I had that I loved, and Christina picked items for me to wear. She was awesome with communicating exactly what pose she wanted me to do, and made me feel amazing every step of the way. From the second I got to her studio, I felt pampered with hair and makeup, and felt like a total babe throughout the shoot. Christina did such a great job affirming me throughout the shoot and I just kept getting more comfortable with every shot.

What was it like to see your images?

I was completely speechless. To walk into the consultation room and see all of my pictures lined up like a gallery exhibit made me feel like a total rockstar. I truly felt like a work of art, and there was not an image I didn’t love!!

How did you feel about everything being “artist’s choice”?

I truly felt honored to see the shots that Christina chose. I really felt like she gave me such a variety of shots that captured different elements of my personality, and to see that she was genuinely excited to show me the images she loved made me even more excited about them!!

What was your favorite part of the whole V&V experience?

Honestly, I loved the way that Christina brought out my confidence. I’ve never had super high self esteem, but from the moment I started hair and makeup, I just felt more comfortable in my skin. Throughout the whole shoot, Christina was so great about complimenting me throughout the shoot and by the end of it, I was on top of the world. Then finally seeing my images, I just wanted to show them off to everyone!!

Anything else?

I totally recommend doing a V&V shoot to ANYONE. It isn’t just something to gift your partner – it’s an empowering, sophisticated, sexy way to make you proud to be a woman, and I can’t wait to shoot with Christina again!!

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