Pure Elegance | Boudoir by Wallflower

Yesterday, I took a few of my albums into the studio for a photo shoot of their own!  This line of albums has been Boudoir by Wallflower’s signature series for years, and they are definitely due for a feature <3

There are no “Little Black Books” at Boudoir by Wallflower!  When you have gorgeous boudoir images, they deserve to be presented in the most bombshell way possible.  😉  My albums start at 8 inches by 8 inches and only get more glorious from there.

I make sure every image is given the proper spotlight!

I design every single album myself to tell the story of your session in the most striking and alluring way possible.  I’ve put hundreds of these beauties in the hands of my amazing clients, and a part of me goes with them every time!

Don’t forget, you can always make your album into the perfect gift by adding on a digital image collection!  It’s the ideal way to have your cake and eat it, too.

An elegant gift with endless possibilities!

I have several of these albums myself, and I take a lot of pride and joy in creating them for the women I photograph.  Several of my clients are already on volume 2 (or 3+!) – I think it’s a good life goal to fill a bookshelf with them <3

Ready to start (or add to) your collection?  Get in touch!

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