I know I’m a little belated in getting this posted (things have been busy around here!), but the eclipse last week was AMAZING!!  I grew up in Nebraska, so when my hometown was going to be in the line of totality, I knew I had to go back for a visit 🙂

Even though I’d had it marked on the calendar for months and had heard a lot about the upcoming eclipse, I was still not prepared for the actual experience of it!  My husband and I didn’t even plan on shooting the eclipse, we just planned on enjoying the view. But, once it started, we couldn’t help ourselves!

Just the beginning…

This was earlier in the day – the clouds were beautiful, but they did have us a little worried that they would eclipse the eclipse…luckily they parted at just the right time!  The sunbow in the clouds, though, was a nice bonus.

I couldn’t help myself – I had to at least get a few shots on my phone!

Our “Cheers!” to the eclipse 😉 

I totally geek out for any special occasion, so eclipse cookies were a must!

My eclipse watching power pose 🙂

Total Eclipse

The moment the sun went in totality was definitely more amazing than I expected!  Seeing sunset all around you and then looking up to THIS…I’ll admit it, I was awestruck. I even have a SUPER shaky video on my phone that proves it 😉  I’m so grateful that my husband had his camera ready to go to get shots like this, which gave me time to just soak it all in!

We totally can’t see my finger pointing through our eclipse glasses…but, it’s cute in the picture and that’s all that matters 😉

So, in seven years when totality goes over Missouri, you know where to find me!

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