I Love TBT | Wichita Boudoir Photographer

Throwback Thursday may be an Instagram thing, but I’m bringing it to the blog because I love it!

I’ve been a boudoir photographer for years, during which I’ve moved into three different studios and worked with over 700 women. Each space and every session has been unique – sometimes I can’t believe that I was a part of it all.  There are so many sessions that I haven’t had a chance to share and TBT gives me one more reason to go back through them again!

Plus, there is the added bonus of Wayback Wednesday if you’re too anxious to wait or Flashback Friday if you missed it, so this girl has options 😀

So, here is my first Throwback Thursday post!  These photos are all from my very first studio (2012-2013), and I love looking back and remembering the gorgeous women I got to shoot there <3

Every studio has had its own character – I miss this white brick wall sometimes!

Blue is my favorite color…I’ll never get tired of shooting it! 

Ladies (and their gents) LOVE their teams!  It’s always fun to work that into your session.

Some of my original boudoir sets are still alive and well in my newest studio!

Move over, Britney, these snake shots are awesome!  As long as I can stay a few feet away, I’m good…mostly.

A classic beauty <3 

Can’t decide on wardrobe?  Skip it! 😉

It’s been a blast going through all my past work and I can’t wait to share more TBT posts like this!  I’ve been posting lots of throwbacks on Instagram as well, so be sure to follow @BoudieNation to stay in the loop!

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