My Feb Faves!

I don’t know how we are already in the second month of 2022, but here we are and it’s a good one because it’s my birthday month! One day is always too short to fully celebrate a birthday, so I do my best to keep it in mind all month long. These are just a few of the things I’ve been into this month <3

currently READING

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. I absolutely loved the movie and the 60s style throughout! (It was even the inspiration behind the color scheme of one of the rooms in our new house!) I’ve heard the book has a different ending, so I had to check it out.

currently LISTENING TO

Miley Cyrus has had all the right vibes for me lately. I’m feeling her edgy I’m-a-badass-woman attitude!


currently WATCHING

I’ve been binge watching Shameless with my husband over the last couple months. We got totally sucked in and can’t stop watching! Somebody deliver some more popcorn, please…

currently DRINKING

Rhiannon Whisky from Penderyn Distillery and OMG it is amazing. A big part of my family tree is Welsh and my husband and I have a pretty good whisky collection, so this one (that is named after a powerful Welsh goddess!) was a must have to enjoy in my birthday month!

currently LOVING

With the on-and-off cold weather this month, I’ve been loving the electric fireplaces and blankets this month. Give me all the coziness with all the coffee!

currently TRYING

To keep up the recipe plan! I got really into cooking during the 2020/2021 isolation times and have been wanting to make it a priority even as the rest of life keeps getting busier.

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