A work of art | Wichita, KS Boudoir Photographer

You know what your walls are missing?  Art like this!  When you look and feel this gorgeous, you should have it someplace that you can see EVERY day!

Just ask my husband…our house is full of canvases of me! (There’s one of both of us being all smoochy in Paris, too…that one’s fun).

I love boudoir photography, and I love how seeing beautiful images of yourself can change your entire day.  If I’m having a bad morning, the first thing I see when I step out of the bathroom is a super-sexy canvas of me in the hallway.  My husband bought it for me for Valentine’s a few years back…does that seem backwards?  Because it’s not 🙂  He loves seeing it, but he knew how I’d feel walking past it every morning, and it was an incredible gift.

The albums that I make for my clients are stunning, and you can put EVERY photo from your session in there!  It tells the story of your day and lets you re-live the entire experience over and over again (I love my albums…).  My wall art, though, is a constant reminder of your beauty that you just can’t miss.

A lot of clients will tell me that they don’t want half-naked photos of themselves in their hallways for their guests or kids to see, and hey, to each their own 😉  But that doesn’t mean you can’t have something beautiful above your bed or in your walk-in closet!  Put it someplace YOU will see every day!  Want something to remind you that you’re beautiful, but still don’t want to show a lot?  Just tell me at your consultation, and we’ll be sure to work in something a little less revealing for permanent display.

Let’s do it!

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