Are You Wearing the Wrong Bra Size? | Wichita, KS Boudoir Photographer

I’ll admit it – I wore the wrong bra size for YEARS! It made me feel self-conscious of my chest and kept me from getting sexy bras because I thought they wouldn’t fit. When I finally went to Victoria’s Secret and had them size me up, it made a bigger difference than I could have ever imagined!

When you’re wearing the wrong size, your bra can gap, pinch where it shouldn’t, and just feel all-around uncomfortable. It also does nothing to help you feel confident or sexy because it’s not showing you off the way it should be! Through most of my twenties, I thought I was a smaller cup size than I actually am and didn’t realize that with a simple adjustment in my band size, I could be wearing a cup size that would fit me much better.

If you have never had a bra fitting or your body has gone through some changes since the last time, go get fitted!

Helpful tip: try on the bras they give you without looking at the sizes. This will help you leave your expectations behind and choose the size that actually¬†fits better. It was so hard for me to not look at the sizes, but I know I would have made my mind up before I put them on…and I would have been wrong.

Having bras that fit correctly is important for your session, but even more important in feeling comfortable and confident every day! It’s something we overlook, but the girls need the right kind of support <3

If you have a hard time finding your size, you can also always try a sister size! You can adjust up or down with a sister size and, if you don’t know what that means, Victoria’s Secret has a great explanation of it all with helpful charts to be sure you get the right one.

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