She said: “Wallflower is what this world needs” | Boudoir by Wallflower review

1. What do you do for a living?

I am a Registered Nurse.

2. Why did you want to do a boudoir session?

I wanted to do a boudoir session for my fiancé. He is the only man that has ever made me feel beautiful inside and out. I thought this was a way to show him how much I love him.

3. What made you choose Wallflower?

My colleague had done a session with Wallflower and raved about her photographer. Wallflower made her feel comfortable and beautiful. Empowered to be a female.

4. Were you nervous at all to do your shoot?

Yes! Trust me when I say that I did NOT want to do boudoir. This was not something I was comfortable doing, but I reminded myself that this was for the man I love. I am so thankful I talked myself into it.

5. What was your favorite part of the experience?

The photographer of course. She would use positive words like “gorgeous”, “beautiful”, “WOW” during the shoot which gave me more confidence in my poses. Every step of the way she would help me pose, even got on the floor to show me how to look the best. I mean I was half naked and we were just laughing talking about life with such ease. Who else could you meet twice and feel that confident with? Really a girl’s girl!

6. What would you tell a friend if they were thinking about doing a boudoir session?

Do it! Don’t think twice. I almost did. I am so thankful for my experience.

7. What was it like to see your photos?

Tears. So many emotions. I was speechless, sweating, tearful, and proud. I couldn’t believe that that person I was looking at in those photos were me.

8. Was everything what you expected it to be when you first got in touch?

Yes. There were no surprises. Everything was laid out in front of you. So professional. I can see why the reviews are so great for Wallflower. The brand is POWER!

9. Do you see yourself differently after having your session?

Duh! Like I said. I was and am proud of myself. My man will be so proud. Insecurities follow us all around and for one time in my life, I felt full. Full of love and happiness for myself.

10. Anything else you’d like to throw out there?

Wallflower is what this world needs. Positive self-image and seeing the beauty in everything and everyone. Sounds cheesy but I’ve never been so proud of my body and myself as a whole. My fiancé is going to love his boudoir book, especially when we are old and gray! HaHa

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