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in her words

Finding Your Sexy.

“I think every woman should experience a boudoir shoot because every woman deserves to find her sexy, and that’s exactly what I got out of it.  I didn’t know how to look at myself beforehand and now when I look at myself, I’m able to see that sexy person that I found that day.”

in her words

48 and Sexy.

“There is just an overwhelming feeling that at 48, I’m still sexy. And I like my curves now!”

in her words

Just incredible.

“I had no idea how to pose, what to do…I’m not necessarily comfortable in front of the camera. So, having that guidance was incredible! She makes the whole process so simple.”

in her words

I got this.

“When I saw my pictures, it was just breathtaking. I didn’t know I could actually look that good!”

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