Venus & Vixen | Wichita, KS Boudoir Photography

2017 has been full of new things, and 2018 is going to be even bigger!  (PS – if you want to get a sneak peek, get on my newsletter before it goes out on January 2!)

The biggest news of all was my new brand, Venus & Vixen.

One of the biggest questions I’ve gotten since the launch is, “What’s the difference between V&V and Boudoir by Wallflower?”, and that’s a totally fair question!  So, I wanted to take a minute to highlight what makes the two so different and why I chose to create an entirely new brand of boudoir photography here in Wichita.

Boudoir by Wallflower

First, I may sound like a broken record, but I want to make sure everyone knows that Boudoir by Wallflower is staying the same!  It’s still my #1 focus, and the client experience I’ve created here is my top priority.  If you’ve always dreamed of a shoot with Wallflower, I’m as excited as ever to make that dream come true!

At Boudoir by Wallflower, every client gets:

  • A fully customized boudoir session where you and I work together to plan out your perfect shoot.
  • Wardrobe consulting to match your personal style to the looks we will choose for your session.
  • A broad range of products that I have hand-selected over seven years from the best companies I’ve found to work with.
  • An experience that has earned the praise of hundreds of women before you!

I’ve spent thousands and thousands of hours making sure this experience is the absolute best it can be, and have tailored every single session to fit exactly what my beautiful clients are looking for in their images.  If you’re looking for boudoir done your way, Boudoir by Wallflower is it!

Venus & Vixen

Because I demand such a high level of perfection from myself in my Wallflower sessions, I don’t experiment as often with new ideas.  Since the inception of Boudoir by Wallflower, I have never hired models to test new concepts; every woman in my portfolio is an actual client – their sessions are their own, and I take that very seriously!  So, I started V&V as a “test kitchen”, where clients can come and experience a session the way I would dream it up – it’s artful, it’s sexy, it’s raw in a way that I’ve never worked before.  You get something brand new, and I get to create images that I’ve had in my head for years…and since that’s the whole point, I embrace experimentation throughout!

With Venus & Vixen, it’s a very different experience:

  • The session planning is entirely artist’s choice – I create your entire shoot from scratch!  I’ll ask you a few basic questions (coverage/nudity preferences, etc), and the rest is up to me.
  • We still discuss outfits in your consultation, and you’ll likely bring in more than we’ll use; I’ll make final decisions on the day of your shoot.
  • All V&V prints are made in-house using archival, fine art quality gicleé printing.  These sessions can get EXTRA spicy, and the images are all printed on-site.
  • An all-new experience that is already producing some beautiful and artful images!

As I test new ideas and find things that fit the Wallflower brand, I’ll introduce them as tested-and-proven options for my Wallflower clients.  One of the perks at Venus & Vixen is that in exchange for being up for anything, you can come it at a lower rate!  It’s a whole different way of doing things for me, and it’s been a LOT of fun!

So, at first glance, I know it seems like I’m just running two versions of the same brand, but underneath it all, Boudoir by Wallflower and Venus & Vixen are wildly different.  Which one suits you best?  V&V opens up for clients starting in April, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this new brand changes the lives of even more women.

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