Top 10 Non-lingerie Outfits for your Boudoir Session | Boudoir Photography in Wichita, KS

Looking for something besides lingerie for your shoot? This post is for YOU! There’s a whole lot of sexy that has nothing to do with lingerie, so here are 10 things you probably have in your closet right now that maybe you haven’t considered! (These can also make great photos for desk prints or wall art!)

#1 – Sweater
You know that comfy sweater you like to lounge around in on the weekends? Pair it with a bra/panty set or nothing at all for a simple, sexy look!

#2 – Fitted tee, tank top, or crop top
Pair any of these with a cute set of cheeky panties and I’ll have posing ideas for days! Go without a bra for more of a relaxed feel (plus let’s be real, a little nip showing through is about as sexy as it gets).

#3 – Jeans or Jean shorts
Your favorite jeans or jean shorts can be paired with a bra or tank top…or they’re perfect just by themselves! Make sure they hug your booty nicely because we’ll definitely want to get some back shots here.

#4 – Open shirt
Flannel, button-down, or see through shirts are all great options to throw over a bra/panty set, just panties, or – you guessed it – nothing (are you sensing a theme?). Shirts that can fall off the shoulders are perfect to get those implied or nip-slip poses with something other than just the sheets.

#5 – Jean or leather jacket
Feeling like adding in a bit of attitude? Jean or leather jackets have become a favorite of mine to add a touch of that badass feel into your shoot. We can use them with black lace panties, jeans/jean shorts, layer them with a bra/panty set, or even use them over a teddy lingerie piece.

#6 – Cute pajama sets
Victoria’s Secret releases a ton of cute pajama sets every season and they are something that gets overlooked in boudoir shoots! If you want to nail that cute, just-woke-up-on-a-Saturday look during your session, this can be the way to do it. The top and bottoms can also be used individually or you can pair the bottoms with a simple bralette.

#7– Jersey
Are you and/or your significant other really into sports? This can be a fun time to add that in! Bring his favorite jersey or get your own fitted tank, shirt , or jersey in the team you root for!

#8 – Bodysuits
These have been popping up a lot over the last couple years to pair with jeans and skirts, but they are basically a different version of a teddy (see my lingerie post on that here) and are one of my new faves for sessions! I got a really cute one at Forever21 that I’m pretty much obsessed with.

#9 – Workout/Yoga outfit
If you’ve been getting into a fitness groove, let’s add it into your session! Sports bras, yoga pants, and booty shorts are all great. Let’s rock that sporty girl look!

#10 – Simple Dress
Whether long or short, a dress can always be a great addition to your session. The little black dress is one of my favorites, but I also love deep colors! Whatever you choose, just make sure it fits you like a glove.

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