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After Jen’s boudoir session, she sent me such a beautiful review that I had to ask her back to make this video about her experience!  Stories like this from my clients are what make me love what I do.  So many of the women I photograph have no idea just how beautiful they are, and it’s my number one priority to make sure to change that!

Here’s Jen’s full review:

After over 15 years of marriage, adding four kids to the mix, and teaching three and four-year-olds all day, romance and any fleeting thought of being sexy or provocative was completely out of the question.  Or so I thought.  In a moment of what I thought was pure insanity, I typed a quick e-mail to Wallflower Studios expressing a (VERY MILD) interest in a boudoir session as a surprise for my husband (and ultimately, myself).  Little did I know when I sent that e-mail that my life would be forever changed.

I wear sweatpants or jeans with a t-shirt to work every…single…day.  I get off work, race kids around, throw dinner together, attend practices/games, race around to get kids in bed at a decent time, then change into an oversized t-shirt and crawl into bed already snoring.  The closest thing to lingerie that I own are nice bras and panties that “Santa” is sure to put in my stocking each Christmas.

After meeting with Christina (who instantly made me feel at ease), and getting the courage to book a session, I had to make the torturous trip to buy something sexy and appropriate for my session.  I was honestly ready to curl into a ball in the corner of the dressing room and just sob—four babies who each weighed at least nine pounds did NOT do a body good!  Christina had told me to shop at Fredrick’s and to be sure I told the sales girls that I was shopping for something for my photo shoot.  When I was close to running for the hills, the girls at Fredrick’s caught me by my heels and helped me find the perfect ensemble for my session.

I arrived for the session excited but very nervous—I quickly learned I had absolutely NO reason to be nervous.  Christina’s hair and makeup artist is beyond talented!  She transformed me from frumpy sports mom to a glamour girl in no time, while still allowing me to look like myself.  Christina was amazing behind the camera and instantly put me at ease.  Her words of encouragement and her assistance in posing and positioning were priceless!

The photo shoot was more fun than I could ever describe and opened up my mind to the idea that maybe that provocative girl that had caught my husband’s eye nearly 20 years ago might still be a part of me.  I could hardly wait to attend my ordering session and see the proofs!  When that day finally arrived (only a week after my photo shoot), I had no idea what was in store.  Christina put those photos up on the big screen in her studio and I sat dumbfounded!  I knew it was me, but I still sat in awe of the images before my eyes…

Christina captured the woman my husband fell in love with and the woman who I thought was all but completely lost.  She captured the best parts of me in every way possible.  I left my ordering session with a regained confidence in myself.  I can now look at myself as I step out of my frumpy clothes and recognize some of what my husband has always said (even after four kids) makes his eyes light up.

I cannot wait to surprise him with an album and wall photos from my session!  And, I cannot wait to have that constant reminder hanging on the wall, showing me exactly how my husband sees me!  I never would have thought that sending that one little e-mail would have made such a HUGE difference in my life!  Many thanks to Christina and Boudoir by Wallflower!


Thank you so much, Jen, for letting me share your experience!  You are amazing and beautiful and I am so honored to have been a part of all of this!

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