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Want to know the secret to getting the most out of your boudoir session outfits? Keep it simple. Keep it you! Read on to turn “I have no idea what I’d even wear” into “Why haven’t I come in for a shoot yet”?

A few years back, I did some studio cleaning and sold off my 500+ piece lingerie collection. Back then, I thought I needed to keep wardrobe options here because “all the other studios” were doing it! But the best thing about Boudoir by Wallflower is that I’m not “all the other studios”. I don’t want to put you in the outfit that ten other clients have worn; I want to give you custom recommendations during your consultation based on what you love and what will look amazing on you! Plus, you’re going to want to have your shoot wardrobe later 😉

Bottom line: don’t stress. I’ve got you covered. Here are my top tips for making outfit selection super simple!

Step one: don’t overcomplicate it – simple is sexy!

Look, you don’t need the corset and garters and leggings and heels and all the jewelry and props (just making this list is stressing me out!) to make your shoot be the best. I believe that keeping it simple and true to yourself is what makes you shine the most! This doesn’t mean that I’m against corsets (if they are one of your faves, let’s go for it!), but it means that I don’t think you should force yourself to wear something you don’t like just because it’s the “thing to do”. Screw that. Be yourself.

Also, there’s no need to pack in a bunch of extra “stuff”; this shoot is about you as a woman. Anything we add in to your shoot should accent that, not distract from it.

Step two: plan a shopping day early on as a no-pressure browsing day

Pressure to find something steals all the joy out of shopping. Plan a leisurely day for yourself to browse and try things on with no need to purchase anything. This is a great time to get a bra fitting done if it’s been awhile and to try on different styles than you usually go for. For example, I LOVE teddy pieces, and most of the women I meet with have never tried one on. They may not always look like much on the hanger, but those pieces can be the perfect combination of relaxed and sexy!

Step three: remember step one.

It can be easy to forget, but outfits are really not worth stressing over. Say this five times in the mirror: simple is sexy!

Step four: raid your closet for less-traditional options

What about that cute tank top you hardly ever get to wear? Or that leather or jean jacket that you love? Or the sweater you like to lounge in on the weekends? Or that shirt that shows just the right amount of cleavage? Or how about those comfy jeans that have all the holes in them? Those are all great options for your session! I like to think of it as a dreamy Saturday morning at home where you’re all dolled up to enjoy some “me” time. Simple. Beautiful.

Step five: another shopping trip including online shopping

Now that you’ve explored some different options and know the sizes that work perfectly, it will be easier to go browsing again. This may be a good time to mention that you don’t need that many outfits! Through my years of shooting, I’ve found that about three outfits is perfect.  Much more than that and we’re not going to have as much time to explore poses in each one…and I’ve got a treasure trove of poses that you’re not going to want to miss out on 😉

Step six: don’t forget about the other options I have!

Remember those sexy images with just the sheets? Zero outfit required! I love that simplicity and how it shows the body off in a whole different way than any outfit can. If you’re wanting to incorporate any implied or nude images into your shoot, this is a perfect way to do that!

Step seven: also don’t forget about…

Sometimes less is more. The body is so beautiful and should be celebrated, so there is nothing wrong with rocking what your mama gave you during your session!

Step eight: I’ve got it from here <3

I’ve done this for years and have been in front of the camera myself over 100 times, so after you’ve packed your bag with some outfits know that I’ll take it from there! Chances are good that I’ve photographed every style you could think of, so I know exactly how to make your unique combination work perfectly.

So if wardrobe stress has kept you from getting in touch, it’s time to let that go! Get in touch now and let’s get your boudoir experience started <3

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