She said: “She gave me so much, and I can’t even really put it into words” | Boudoir by Wallflower review

What do you do for a living?


Why did you want to do a boudoir session?

I wanted to capture my youth with a photoshoot for myself. I am young, fit, and covered in tattoos, which I believe add a uniqueness to my body. I wanted to document it in a beautiful and creative way.

What made you choose Wallflower?

I found the website while searching for boudoir photographers in the Wichita area. It was the first one I looked at, and upon seeing the beautifully captured images of confident women, I knew I wanted Christina to do my session. I also loved that Christina spent time in front of the camera as well as behind to show off her experience and confidence in herself.

Were you nervous at all to do your shoot?

I was more nervous to meet Christina, in that I was just hoping she and I could connect and be on the same page on what I wanted to capture with my shoot. I was completely confident after meeting with her that we would have a great experience together!

What was your favorite part of the experience?

The shoot itself was amazing. It was definitely a workout, but when Christina would tell me to move in a certain way, it put confidence in my mind that she was capturing me in a beautiful way with details kept at the forefront of her mind. I also love her dedication to getting just the right angle/shot/light etc. She would be in what looked like uncomfortable positions at times just to make sure I looked my best in the photos 😍

What would you tell a friend if they were thinking about doing a boudoir session?

I would highly recommend Boudoir by Wallflower. I’ve already told a few women I know that it was an amazing experience. Christina is great at personally connecting with a client and producing a session that is exactly what was hoped for at the beginning. The personal touch of her giving me a necklace that said “beautiful” after the shoot just reassured me that I wasn’t just a client, but a remarkable woman that she was happy to have met and worked with.

What was it like to see your photos?

Incredible. After two abusive relationships, I had thought I had built my confidence back up; but upon seeing my photos, I was given something amazing. I was amazed to look at myself and see a beautiful, confident and yet vulnerable woman. It gave me renewed faith in myself as a woman and showed me that maybe, just maybe other people see those same things within me as well. I wanted to tear up upon seeing the finished product. She gave me so much, and I can’t even really put it into words

Was everything what you expected it to be when you first got in touch?

Better than what I expected. I was nervous that the photographer would just see me as a paycheck and not try to capture my essence. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how wrong that initial thought was.

Do you see yourself differently after having your session?

Absolutely. As I stated above, the pictures gave me a renewed sense of hope and even just more confidence in that I am beautiful, strong, and profoundly female (sometimes I feel more boyish or harsh). She brought out all the parts of me that sometimes I’m even scared to share with others. There was a soft and vulnerable side that she captured in some pictures that I don’t even know if a handful of people have ever seen from me.

Anything else you’d like to throw out there?

This experience was amazing, and I am so grateful that I took the chance to do it. It’s the best gift I could’ve invested in for myself. So happy with the results!

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