I missed Valentine’s! Now What? | Wichita, KS Boudoir Photographer

Everything is going to be ok!

I talk to a lot of people around Christmas and Valentine’s who say, “Wow, you must be really busy right now with ___ coming up!” And sure I am! But you know what’s great? I do this full-time, all year long, so I am here whenever timing works out for you!

Sure, my session times book up sooner between October and January, but there are a thousand reasons throughout the year to do a boudoir session! Don’t let timing trip you up – my studio isn’t seasonal <3

Valentine’s is a great time to come in because the month is all out love and sexiness, but ANY time can (and should) be about that! Do it to have an experience totally out of your “everyday”. Do it to jump out of your comfort zone and build confidence. Do it to surprise the one you’re with. Do it because you’ve always wanted to. Do it because it’s fun. Whatever your reason (and it will end up being several), just do it! <3

If you’re planning it out as a gift, think of all the perfect times throughout the year besides Christmas and Valentine’s! Birthdays, anniversaries, special dates that the two of you share, or even an unexpected surprise – there are so many incredible opportunities to be their perfect gift.

Another secret: although this is an amazing gift to share with someone, I believe that the bigger gift is always going to be for yourself and there is no wrong time for that!

Just because you missed Valentine’s doesn’t mean you’ve missed out for the year! 2019 is just getting started, so get in touch and let’s chat!

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