Merry Christmas!

Boudoir by Wallflower is about to close up shop for 2014!  This Friday is my last open day of the year, and I’ll be back to full-throttle on January 2 with a very busy month 🙂

Valentine’s sessions are almost completely full, but this is the perfect time to make plans for your spring boudoir sessions!  There are a ton of weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays in the spring, and it’s my second busiest season of the year, so get your spot reserved soon.

Until then, have an amazing holiday season however you choose to celebrate it!  I’m thinking some good wine and good friends…and, of course, hot chocolate with Bailey’s Chocolate Cherry.

Oh, and let me just take a second to say how gorgeous the woman is in those photos up there!  You can bet you’ll be seeing more of her session on the blog – it was so much fun!

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