“She Means Business” Feature | Wichita, KS Boudoir Photographer

In January, I was honored to be the featured female business owner in VIP Wichita Magazine’s “She Means Business” story. I opened up a little about some of the struggles I’ve faced running a boudoir photography studio in Wichita and how even though the landscape has changed a little, it’s still a difficult business to be in here in the Midwest.

Boudoir by Wallflower has been a lot of things to me over these past seven years. It’s been my way of showing women their beauty in a way they can finally recognize. It’s been my creative outlet. It’s been my constant source of work and self-improvement and 80-hour weeks more often than not.

It’s been my business.

I don’t talk a lot about the “business owner” aspect of what I do, but behind the scenes of all the amazing women and incredible stories I get to be a part of is one woman working day and night to make this business run. Every day that I come to the studio, I know that if I want to keep empowering women and making their worlds brighter, I have to be successful in my business as well as in my work.

That’s why we made my photograph the way we did.

For the first time, an article was about me, Christina, and not only about Boudoir by Wallflower or Venus & Vixen. I wanted a portrait that showed a woman’s strength and poise. An image that shows that I know my work and I know my business. An image that embodied the article’s title and wasn’t demure or patronizing. And, of course, an image that would make any woman that reads the article know that she can be comfortable with me and trust me. That’s a tall ask for one image, but since Aaron and I are single-minded in our beliefs for my brands, we kept at it for six hours until we had it.

I’ve said it before, and I won’t stop saying it: I’m so grateful to all of my clients for making my business a success these past seven years. It’s because of all of you that more and more women have this experience each year.



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