CX106 – Marilyn Vibes | Boudoir Photographer in Wichita, KS

I keep posting that “it’s your turn!”, but this time…it’s my turn! 😉  Once a month over the past seven years, I’ve put myself in front of the camera to try out new ideas, play with new poses and expressions, and feel what it’s like to be in your shoes.  I’ve decided that I’m going to start sharing these shoots more often (and I’m super pumped about it)!  This is the story of my 106th shoot <3

Six years ago, in my tiny home studio when Boudoir by Wallflower was just getting warmed up, one of my most-prized art collections had just arrived.  The Complete Last Sitting of Marilyn Monroe: 2,571 photographs spread over 464 pages with every frame Bert Stern took of Marilyn over a 3-day shoot just six weeks before her death.  Thumbing through the pages, there are images that became icons, images that she rejected with a big X through them…images of her laughing, flirting, and letting the camera see Marilyn for who she was.

I decided to take one of her iconic sets and make it something that every Boudoir by Wallflower client could experience, and the Marilyn set (one that I still shoot today!) was born.

Can’t beat the classics.  This is still one of my favorite looks!

Now, six years later, I found myself browsing her book again and had to take it even further!  This time, I pulled inspiration from Marilyn’s entire career of being a Hollywood icon.

Personal motto: If you’re going to do it, do it right!

Hollywood lights!

60s fashion meets modern style!

Like I wasn’t going to take a selfie with this look?!

Feeling like a starlet!  I hit the streets of downtown Wichita for a paparazzi-styled series.

Marilyn had a Nikon in her photos, but my first camera was a Pentax 😉

I love experimenting with all of these ideas so I can bring my favorite elements back to my boudoir work!

Even after dozens of shoots, it still feels GOOD to feel beautiful!

Pure Marilyn Vibes.

I’m excited to be sharing more of my work from the other side of the camera!  It may be the most fun research I get to do 😉

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