Just for Brides: When do I give my fiancé their gift? | Wichita, KS Boudoir Photographer

A lot of my brides ask me, “When should I give my fiancé their gift?” and I’ve got some great ideas for you! I’ve included some pros and cons to each option so you can figure out which way you’ll go!

1 – The week leading up to the big day

Some brides want this to be a one-on-one, intimate exchange…so why not let it be a part of building excitement for your wedding day? Choose a night in the week leading up to your wedding to spend together – before all the last minute wedding details, family coming into town, etc. Find some time to enjoy together with a nice dinner, maybe even some wine or champagne, and of course your boudoir album <3

It’s not a “wedding day gift” at this point, but you get to be there AND let it be an experience all its own without all the hustle of the wedding day itself.

2 – During your “first look” the day of your wedding

Plan some extra time during your “first look” to also exchange gifts. I know every minute of the wedding day is precious, but take ten minutes (or have your wedding planner carve out some time) away from the wedding party (maybe take your photographer with you, though!) and enjoy this experience as part of your day together.

The downside is that you don’t have endless time here and you need to keep track of your album for the rest of the day (be sure your Maid of Honor is on her A game!). But on the upside, it is on THE day, you get to be the one that gives the gift to your groom, and you can have your photographer and videographer documenting their reaction!

3 – Separately the day of your wedding

Typically the bride’s and groom’s gifts to one another are delivered by someone in the wedding party, which is when you can send your special album over! I used to advertise bridal boudoir as the “cure for cold feet”  – he’s not going anywhere after seeing that album! 😉

Of course, you don’t get to give the gift personally and, again, you have to keep track of your album for the rest of the day. The bonus is that your photographer and/or videographer can be getting footage of everything for you to enjoy later. Plus, you know your bridesmaid will come back with some details in the meantime!

4 – The wedding night

After you’ve reveled in your awesome day together, this is a great way to start the night!

It may take a bit of planning to make sure your album has made it to wherever you are staying, but planning is the name of the game for a wedding day! If you are leaving the next day on your honeymoon, you’ll also want to have a “drop plan” for your album before jetting off (I typically don’t recommend traveling with your album, but ask me about my favorite alternatives!). Still, what better way to kick off your time as Mr. and Mrs.?

5 – The morning after your wedding

After you’ve gotten some rest and you wake up on your first morning as Mr. and Mrs., it can be the perfect time to add a surprise! Keep that celebration going!

If you’ve got an early flight to catch (like my husband and I did!), this may not be the way to go; you don’t need any added stress in your life. Also, a LOT of my brides think keeping this a secret is an impossible task, so waiting any longer can be crazy hard…but it’s a super sweet way to start your first married day.

6 – On your honeymoon

Although I don’t recommend traveling with your album (for a lot of reasons – it’s a luxury product!), there are other products that I offer which are PERFECT for traveling with! If you give your album beforehand, this is a great way to continue to enjoy it throughout your getaway. If you don’t give the album beforehand, then you’ll just have an extra surprise when you get home!

7 – Anytime!

Truth be told, anytime after your engagement is the perfect time to give your fiancé their gift! It’s really a gift for BOTH of you, so having time together to celebrate the life you are starting is special no matter when you do it. Being a fiancée is SO much fun, any way you can milk it even more is amazing.

8 – Newlyweds

I also have a lot of brides contact me too close to their wedding to have a shoot done in time, and that’s not a problem at ALL! For brides that aren’t able to make it in before their wedding, we still have plenty of incredible options! The wedding kicks off your celebration of starting your life together, so even if you miss the exact date, there are several special dates in your first year that a boudoir album will only magnify:

  • After you get home from your honeymoon – If timing is a little tight beforehand, this is a great way to keep the honeymoon going! We just need to shoot and have your ordering session before your wedding and, depending on how long you’re gone, I can likely have everything ready for you shortly after your honeymoon.
  • Your first married Christmas or Valentine’s!
  • For your one or two month anniversary – plan your shoot for right after your wedding and we’ll be able to have everything ready to celebrate your first milestones together.
  • First anniversary – Look, sometimes things just get too crazy around wedding time! So relax, give yourself some time, and do the shoot in time for your first anniversary. If you’re still wanting to keep it a surprise, this gives us plenty of time for a payment plan (you can get in touch up to 8 months before your anniversary!). Plus, the traditional first anniversary gift is paper 😉

Whenever you decide to give your groom his gift, be sure it’s a time you can BOTH enjoy one way or another, because this really is a gift for both of you <3

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