Just for Brides: Wearing White | Wichita, KS Bridal Boudoir Photographer

Ok, brides-to-be…you’ve got nothing but options when it comes to your boudoir outfits! Your boudoir shoot is the one part of your wedding planning where your mom, aunt, grandma, wedding planner, maid of honor, and sister don’t get any input (unless YOU want them to)…so what’s the most important thing? Let it be YOU! Different ideas are going to stand out to different people, so don’t worry about what you “should do”, do what you WANT to do! Let this be your own little haven, and say “screw tradition” if you want.

But, if you’re still looking for tips before coming in for your consultation to get the ideas flowing, here’s an easy one:

White Lingerie
This is the most popular bridal boudoir outfit choice, and for good reason! Whatever lingerie is your favorite – bra & panties, teddy, corset, chemise, t-shirt & boy shorts – it can all be found in white and make a perfect choice for your bridal boudoir session! Don’t overlook champagne and ivory, too, to add a little warmth.

Pro tip: Although fall wedding dates are getting more popular, white lingerie can be harder to find in the cooler months. If your wedding date falls in that season (like mine did!), you may do some summer shopping to be sure you can get what you really want!

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