Just for Brides: Keep It Loose | Wichita, KS Bridal Boudoir Photographer

Bridal Boudoir: Continuing my Top 10 list for adding bridal details into your boudoir session, here is number seven!

A Simple Robe

There are several “Bride” robes that are beautiful and are great for both your boudoir session and getting ready during your wedding day! Want something more custom? Etsy it up and get a robe with your last-name-to-be on the back!

You can also go for beautiful floral or colorful bride tribe robes for both you and your whole wedding party and use yours during your boudoir session. Using bridal details during your boudoir session doesn’t always have to be about going for the “traditional” look – whatever you have planned for your special day is what we should be incorporating into your bridal boudoir session!

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