She said: “It was definitely a “You still got it girl!” moment” | Boudoir by Wallflower review

What do you do for a living?

I am a stay at home mom to 3 amazing kids.

Why did you want to do a boudoir session?

I thought of it when I was thinking about what to get my husband for Christmas. I thought “What better gift than sexy pictures of me? It’ll be the best gift ever!” and once I got into it, I started to think “Wow! I’m a mom of 3. I couldn’t possibly still look good.” Wow, was I wrong. This experience was a HUGE confidence booster. I was extremely excited for not only my husband to see me in a different, more sexual light. I was extremely excited to see it myself and how incredibly beautiful I am, 3 kids later and all.

What made you choose Wallflower?

I searched boudoir online and decided to click on Boudoir by Wallflower and immediately fell in love with it. I loved that it was incredibly sexy but also very classy. I looked at a few other sites just for curiosity but none of them compared to Boudoir by Wallflower.

Were you nervous at all to do your shoot?

A little at first but once I got to the day of, I was so excited. Especially once I got with Christina in studio, I was so comfortable and so at ease.

What was your favorite part of the experience?

Christina: she made me feel so comfortable and beautiful. She makes you feel so at ease and that you are giving her the best shoot. Her guidance through it all was amazing and now I have incredibly sexy photos to show for it. I went into it with some lingerie and thinking I would take some sexy pictures and that’s it but I walked away with incredibly sexy pictures, higher confidence and wanting every woman out there to experience the same. It was incredibly empowering.

What would you tell a friend if they were thinking about doing a boudoir session?

DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! and do it with Boudoir by wallflower. You WILL NOT regret it. Once in a lifetime opportunity.

What was it like to see your photos?

Amazing. Empowering, Surprising, I’ve never seen myself in that way outside of my mirror at home. It was definitely a “You still got it girl!” moment.

Was everything what you expected it to be when you first got in touch?

Everything and more. We met really quickly after contact and everything moved along quickly after that.

Do you see yourself differently after having your session?

Yes!!! Sexy and confident for sure.

Anything else you’d like to throw out there?

I am extremely grateful for this experience, 100%. I decided to go out of my usual comfort zone and it paid off BIG TIME. Christina knows what she is doing 1000% and will make any woman that comes to her feel so beautiful and sexy. I was a wife and mother of 3 going through the daily life of a wife and mother of 3; now I am a CONFIDENT wife and mother of 3 that sees her self-worth and true beauty that is often and easily overlooked.

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