CX87 – Groovin’ 60s | Boudoir Photographer in Wichita, KS

The CX Series | At least once a month, I get in front of the camera to put myself back in YOUR shoes! This was my 87th shoot from June 2016 and we went for a 60s vibe.  

Something you may not know about me is that I love Elvis Presley! I grew up listening to his music and watching his movies, as cheesy as they might have been 🙂 My first trip with my husband when we were dating was actually to Graceland! He definitely knew how to win a girl’s heart…

I’d been wanting to do a Priscilla Presley styled shoot for years and last summer I finally made it happen.

I studied a lot of 60s images to internalize the feel of the decade <3

Something very special about this shoot was that I got to use my grandma’s wedding dress! She married my grandpa in 1962, so it was PERFECT to add in to my shoot idea <3 The dress fit like an absolute dream…I don’t think I could have been more excited 🙂

Just a girl spinning in her dress…

Those lace details and that hair bump – perfection.

Going a little psychedelic!  Groovy, baby!

I also got to wear my grandma’s going-away dress…I LOVE it!

Winged liner on point.

Going for an intense look!

I need to wear this dress out somewhere before it gets too cold outside! Drinks anyone? 😉

I fell in love with the 60s style after this shoot and, if I was a morning person, I would totally rock this style every day! Gotta work on my winged liner game for that though…

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy these from my day as a 60s babe 😀

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