CX56 – TBT to 2014! | Boudoir Photographer in Wichita, KS

The CX Series | At least once a month, I get in front of the camera to put myself back in YOUR shoes!  I’m always researching new poses, expression techniques, and ways to make images better than ever.  This was my 56th shoot from August 2014!

Making the decision to move into this studio was a BIG one!  After an entire summer of demolition and construction, I finally had the studio I designed specifically for boudoir photography.  A beautiful space full of natural light in a gorgeous building in the heart of Wichita.

So, to break in the new place, I set up a full day of shooting to explore all the new things I could do in this amazing studio!

Never had windows like this before…and now I have 12! Definitely going to play in those…

Natural light for daaaaays.

TBH, I bought this headboard for the last studio and never set it up…

“How can I make sure my clients are sore after their shoots…” Yep.  This did it.

Building some new loft-esque looks!

Sweaters and boudoir.  Heart eyes.

Little bit of VS product placement there…I’m okay with it <3

When humans fold, they get lines.  It’s just the way it works!

I’ve loved shooting in this studio ever since!  Even as you read this, I’m playing with more new sets and looks – always something different going on around here 😉

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