CX101 – Birthday Celebration | Boudoir Photographer in Wichita, KS

The CX Series | At least once a month, I get in front of the camera to put myself in YOUR shoes! This was my 101st shoot before my birthday in 2017.

My birthday is two days after Valentine’s Day, which means I like to continue the celebration from one to the next! Last year, I did that by scheduling a shoot for myself on the in-between date and it was a great way to pre-celebrate my birthday 🙂 I was getting my hair cut soon, so for this shoot I wanted to showcase my hair being as long as possible beforehand!

I REALLY wanted a picture like this while my hair was the length to make it happen!

Black lace is a forever favorite <3

Was my back sore after this shoot? Do you really have to ask? 😉

Jean shorts are another fave of mine! Daisy Duke anyone?!

Getting creative with a hair scarf!

My lip color matched this outfit perfectly!

I love crop tops! I don’t get to wear them often, so had to add it into my photoshoot!

Doing a shoot leading up to my birthday was so much fun! I know a boudoir session is often focused on as a gift for someone else, but I love the celebration of beauty it is for the person in front of the lens! I can’t think of a better way to kick off another year than to get some bombshell images 😉

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