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This one’s a little different from my usual CX posts…I thought it would be fun to share some things about myself! Here are 10 things you might not have known about the woman behind the camera:

– I did not always know I was going to be a photographer! I graduated with a BFA in Dance at WSU, and always thought (from when I was a little girl) that I would be teaching and choreographing. As it turns out, I do a different kind of choreography by coaching movement and poses throughout my sessions!

– I love Stephen King! It took me while to try one of his books because I thought it would be too scary for me (even thought I LOVE Halloween!), but once I did, I was hooked! Favorite book? Misery. Hands down.

CX 106

– I love dark beer! Give me a good stout with unique flavors (coconut, coffee, any fruit) and I’m going to be all in every time. While dark beers are my go-to, I do love a good smokey scotch or a botanical gin. There’s something about sipping Laphroaig by the fire or enjoying a good Botanist & tonic at the end of the night that just makes me smile!

–  Speaking of coconut…I love everything coconut! I love a hint of coconut in my Victoria’s Secret body sprays and I absolutely love a good coconut latte.

– Traveling is high on my priority list. I love planning an escape from the everyday and experiencing someplace new. The UK has my heart, but there are a lot of places on my travel list!

CX 149 in Wales

– I’m from Nebraska – “Go Huskers!”. I came to Kansas for the WSU dance department, met my husband in a ballet class, and the rest is history!

– I wasn’t always comfortable taking or posting naked photos of myself – it actually took a while to get there! It’s really why I believe in boudoir so much. I didn’t see myself as “sexy” until after my first boudoir shoot (which my husband – also a full-time pro photographer- shot after I decided I was interested in offering it, but I wanted to experience it first!). I didn’t appreciate nude photos of myself until that first professional shoot – the lighting, posing, and expressions were all done on a level I’d never experienced before. That made me start to see myself as art! Fast forward to now and there aren’t many shoots that my husband and I collaborate on that I don’t end up posing topless or nude as well. I love it!

CX 141

– I geek out over the holidays. Halloween is definitely the winner for that (there is a corner of our basement dedicated to my Halloween decor), but I also love Christmas. We have a huge tree that I’d build a new house around before I’d get rid of it! I love transforming the house for the seasons and being able to enjoy them every moment of the day.

CX 126 – Mrs. Dr. Acula shoot

– Binge watching a show on Netflix (or Hulu…or Amazon…or HBO) is one of my favorite things. It’s also one of my favorite things about the seasons changing – who doesn’t want to spend a winter day snuggled up in a warm blanket enjoying some delicious cocoa and watching episode after episode of their favorite show?

– Speaking of favorite shows…mine is Chuck! I have a ton of faves that I like to dig back out and re-watch, but my desert island series would be Chuck. If you haven’t seen it, it’s on Amazon and you should go watch it now! If you aren’t hooked after the first episode, I don’t know you 😉

CX 150

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