CX 142 | Dizzy Up the Girl | Boudoir Photographer in Wichita, KS

Every once in a while, I love doing something completely different for my CX shoots!

If you haven’t seen some of the previous CX posts, they are featuring my personal shoots as I get in front of the camera to be in your shoes and test out new ideas!

For this shoot, I gave my stylist complete control to do something wild…so I ended up with bright makeup and the best lion mane I’ve ever had! Absolutely amazing. My hair is naturally super straight and on the finer side, so any time I can do a styled shoot with big hair, I have a ton of fun with it! (And yes, it took a really long time to comb it all out later…but worth it!)

Big hair, leather jacket…what else do you need?

And why not add a little grunge into the shoot?

Had to pair that eye shadow with this floral robe! Somehow, it works.


We finished off the shoot day by playing with some color, and…wow. Gotta let the wild side out once in awhile!

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