Christmas and Valentine’s sessions! | Wichita, KS Boudoir Photos

Every year around this time, I feel like a total hypocrite.  I go to Target and see the Christmas decorations already sitting out or hear that first run at White Christmas on the piano at Von Maur and think, “Really?  Come on…it’s not even Halloween!  Let me enjoy the Fall!”

And then I come to the studio and write Facebook posts and blog entries about Christmas and even Valentine’s boudoir sessions.  Trust me, I know!

I’m not trying to rush into the holiday season, I promise!  I want to hang on to my Halloween decor, autumn weather, crunchy leaves, and pumpkin spice lattes for as long as possible.  But, part of my Fall season is talking about Winter sessions!  Here’s why:

First, as of this writing, I’ve only got four session times left to have albums and wall art and all of these gorgeous gifts back in time for Christmas!  I get really busy this time of year, and the incredible labs I work with do, too, which means their production gets a little delayed.  So, I make sure to give them (and you!) plenty of time to be absolutely sure that your Perfect Gift will be right on time.

Second, I’m trying to get ahead of all the e-mails that I know I’m going to get in the first week of December asking to get in for a session to have gifts ready for Christmas.  It happens every year, and I truly wish I could say “yes” to all of you!  However, I’ve got a fixed number of sessions that I’m able to handle each month, and in order to consistently deliver the absolute best quality to every one of my clients, I can’t bend on that.  You are far too important to me to give you anything less than my best!  Your Boudoir by Wallflower session is designed to be an incredible experience, and the more time you give yourself to plan that out, the better!

So, if you want to grab one of the few remaining Christmas sessions, get in touch!  Once my Christmas sessions are full, I start filling up for Valentine’s Day and Spring weddings/anniversaries, so you’re never too early to take that first step 🙂

(Pro tip: Book your session in December for Valentine’s!  Getting in ahead of the Valentine’s rush while you’ve still got the “I’m going Christmas shopping” excuse to cover your tracks makes it the perfect time to keep your session a surprise!)

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