Boudoir by Wallflower’s Lingerie 101: The Babydoll

Lingerie 101: Outfit shopping for your boudoir session can be intimidating if you don’t know where to start! Skip the French lessons, and let this ongoing blog series guide you through the world of the bustier, chemise, and bandeau.

If you want something cute, sexy, and easy to move around (and pose) in, the babydoll is a great place to look!

Unlike a chemise, babydolls don’t fit close to the curve of the body. Generally speaking, they will be fitted around the chest and open up into a sheer or semi-sheer skirt over the torso. They’ll usually come down to the hip line or the upper thigh, so your panty pairing is important! Like most lingerie, the panties that come with these pieces are some nearly-useless string bikini, so as always, I recommend swapping them out for something with more lace. That will show off your shape better and be less likely to cut in on the sides.

To make the world of lingerie even more confusing, some brands have started using “chemise” and “babydoll” almost interchangeably, so you’ll just need to look at the cut of the piece to see which one it actually is.

Find more Lingerie 101 posts on the blog or, better yet, book a session with Boudoir by Wallflower and we’ll do a one-on-one personalized style consultation where I’ll make specific and unique recommendations just for you (and not with pieces from a shared wardrobe!).

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