Boudoir by Wallflower’s Lingerie 101: Teddies

There are so many styles of lingerie that it can be hard to know what they all are and where to start. That’s why I put this blog series together – to go through the different styles of lingerie like I do during a consultation with my clients. Let’s get started!

Teddies have been growing in popularity over the last several years and it’s one of my personal favorites! A teddy is a full lingerie piece similar to the style of a full swimsuit, but with more lace. There are a lot of variety in teddy pieces from high-neck to a low-v style and from a full back to a thong. It’s all about exploring different options and seeing what works best for you!

If you are trying to get more confident in your mid-section but aren’t there quite yet, this can be a great piece that offers a little more coverage while still accenting your curves.

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