Bombshell Tip #8 | Boudoir Photographer Wichita, KS

Bombshell Tip #8: Heels

Don’t wear heels often? Well girl, it’s time to push past looking like a wobbly baby giraffe and walk your way into power! Whenever I need to be the HBIC, my pumps are the first things I grab.

Be sure you get a pair with a nice height to them – besides the extra little bit of vertical presence, they really shape your legs and booty.  Shop around until you find a brand you like – it’s hard to get comfortable in heels when they hurt too much to keep them on! There are comfy heels out there, I swear (ignore the fact that I spent years in pointe shoes…).

My more “everyday wear”/training heels are my wedges – they give the powerful height of heels but are more comfortable for extended periods of time and they’re perfect for summer.

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