Bombshell Tip #7 | Boudoir Photographer Wichita, KS

Bombshell Tip #7: Go to bed naked.

This one is so simple! There are a ton of studies showing how good being nude is for your body.

First of all (at the risk of getting all scientific on you guys), it helps to naturally regulate your body temperature which assists in having a less interrupted sleep, in turn helping with stress. Sleeping naked also improves blood circulation which is good for both your heart and muscles.

Wearing underwear that are too tight or don’t breathe can trap moisture and lead to infections, so going to bed naked gives all parts of your body a chance to breathe, which is very important!

Outside of those health benefits, going to bed in your birthday suit also amps up your confidence. The simple act of sleeping in the nude helps you get used to yourself naked and become more comfortable in your own skin, which in turn boosts your confidence and self-esteem! You’ve only got one body…love it! It’s pretty damn amazing.

If you’ve got kids and don’t have a lock on your door, get a light silk negligee – something that feels like nothing, lets your body breathe, and ends your day in something indulgent <3

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