Just for Brides: Between the Sheets | Wichita, KS Bridal Boudoir Photographer

Bridal Boudoir: This wraps up my Top 10 list for bringing the bridal to the boudoir! Check out the rest here.

White Sheets

Why overthink it? Why make any of this more complicated than it needs to be? You’ve got enough on your mind! I say skip it all and wrap up in some white sheets. It still surrounds you with a beautiful, bridely white and leaves as little or as much to the imagination as you want. The implied to nude shots we can get here are timelessly sexy! It’s a scientific fact that these photos are the cure for cold feet.

Want to personalize it just a bit? This is a great place to use those simple accessory pieces I mentioned earlier in this blog series. A little goes a long way.

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