The Beautiful Necklace | Boudoir Photographer in Wichita, Kansas

For the past year, I’ve been giving “The Beautiful Necklace” to women all over.

It started with The Women’s Fair last year, an expo I’ve been a part of since Boudoir by Wallflower started. Instead of talking to everyone that came by about Boudoir by Wallflower and the boudoir session experience, I spent the day giving away necklaces. I gave one to any woman that would stand in my booth and take a selfie with a card saying something she loved about herself. It was such an incredible experience!

So many women got to take a moment to say something positive about their bodies in a time where the opposite is the expectation. Mothers brought in their young daughters, and it was so heart warming to see these young girls writing down reasons to love who they are. Women of all ages got to leave my booth with a token to remind them that they are BEAUTIFUL!

In the months since, I have given out hundreds of these to women at events, my beautiful clients, and women I meet as I go out and about. Women have even come to my studio and donated money to help cover the cost of making MORE necklaces so they could take them home for their daughters. My goal is to flip the script and give women a reason to start their day with a positive mindset, and I love seeing it in action.

This Valentine’s Day, I’d love nothing more than to see pictures of you wearing yours! Don’t have one? Next time you see me out and about, tap me on the shoulder 🙂 Or, better yet, pick one up when you come in for a session! There’s no better way to feel beautiful. <3


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