“It was an amazing experience” | Boudoir by Wallflower, Wichita KS

1. What do you do for a living?

I’ve been a stay at home mom the last seven years, but I’m about to start a new career as a para-educator.

2. Why did you want to do a boudoir session?

It’s something that I have wanted to do for a couple years now.  My husband is currently deployed, and I thought this would be the perfect gift for him.

3. What made you choose Wallflower?

Looking at the photos she has done and reading the testimonies are what really sold me.  She truly has a gift for bringing out the beauty that was already there.


4. Were you nervous at all to do your shoot?

I was very nervous!  I know it has been said before, but this was something I had never done before, so I really had know idea what to expect.  Christina does a fantastic job of explaining the process beforehand, so that definitely helped ease my nerves on the day of the shoot.

5. What was your favorite part of the experience?

I loved the attention to detail that Christina had during the shoot.  She had all these notes that she had made about different poses for me to do in each of the sets and outfits I had chosen.  She worked hard to make sure that I looked my best.  She didn’t just tell me how to pose, she showed me each pose herself, even if it meant getting down on the floor.  Some of the poses felt weird while I was doing them, but the end results were totally worth it!

6. What would you tell a friend if they were thinking about doing a boudoir session?

I would say definitely go for it!  It was an amazing experience.  She truly made me feel beautiful.


7. What was it like to see your photos?

I couldn’t believe that it was me in the photos.  I loved all of them!  I can’t wait for my husband to see them.

8. Was everything what you expected it to be when you first got in touch?

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I first contacted Christina, but she definitely goes above and beyond when it comes to her clients.

9. Do you see yourself differently after having your session?

Five years ago, I would have never thought I would do a boudoir session.  Having now done one, I feel more comfortable and confident in my body, and I would love to do another one in the future.

10. Anything else you’d like to throw out there?

Thank you so much Christina for making me feel beautiful!


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