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“Finding Your Sexy” | Viktoria’s Story

One of my beautiful clients came back into talk about her experience at Boudoir by Wallflower!

My “This is Jen” video got a 2016 update!  (If the style looks familiar, what can I say…I’m a Mac girl!)

Want a quick overview of the Boudoir by Wallflower experience?  This video is the one!  Take a look around my beautiful downtown Wichita studio and see what my sessions are all about!

Have you ever thought, “I could never do this…”? Take just a couple of minutes to watch this video, because you not only CAN do this, you SHOULD!

Want to see what my clients have to say about their Boudoir by Wallflower experience?  This video showcases a lot of amazing women and their thoughts!

Being a ballet-dancer-turned-boudoir-photographer means that I’ve spent my whole life finding ways to make the body look beautiful.  This is a little bit of my story and why I do what I do!

Boudoir doesn’t have to be just lingerie and lace!  This experience is all about you feeling beautiful, and your wardrobe should reflect that.

This is an older video, but her story is so beautiful that I have to keep sharing it! So many of my clients can identify with Jen, and hearing her talk about her session experience melts my heart every time.