You’re new to this…you must have questions!

Do you shoot anything besides boudoir?

No.  Since 2010, I have dedicated my career to the art of female boudoir photography.  I’m not a wedding photographer that “also offers boudoir”, and I do not photograph men or couples.  This is all I do.  All day.  Every day.  I live and breathe boudoir, and am here to give you the absolute best boudoir photography experience!

Will I have a female photographer?


Do you offer hair and makeup?

Absolutely!  Every shoot I do includes hair and makeup done by one of my incredibly talented in-studio artists.

How far in advance do I need to schedule my shoot?

You can’t be too early!  If you have a date in mind that I haven’t opened on my calendar yet, I will add you to a waiting list and you’ll be first in line when those dates become available.  I recommend that you get in touch at least six weeks prior to when you need your products in hand, but the more time you plan, the better!  My calendar books up in advance and cannot usually accommodate last-minute bookings.

Brides: Planning ahead is the best way to go!  With some wedding dates being very popular, sessions leading up to them fill up quickly and frequently get filled three to six months prior!

Do you offer a payment plan?

Your session fee is due at your consultation when we book your shoot date, but I offer a payment plan for products for up to six months!

Do I have to be naked?

Of course not!  Every woman has her own way of feeling beautiful and sexy, and this experience is all about you!  If jeans and a tank top are more your speed, then we’ll do that, and we’ll talk about all of that in detail at your consultation.

But…can I be naked?

Why not?  For a lot of women, there is nothing more empowering than doing some gorgeous nude photos.  There’s a reason the female form has been deified throughout art history!  The nudes that I shoot are along the lines of Playboy magazine pre-2016: tasteful, beautiful, and artful.

I would love to do this, but I am SO nervous…

There is nothing wrong with being nervous!  Most of my clients are, and I understand that.  The first step to booking a session with me is coming in for a consultation so that you can meet me, get familiar with my studio, and let me walk you through how everything works.  My whole studio philosophy is built around creating a fun, relaxing, and comfortable atmosphere for you!

I did this before with another photographer and had a bad experience…how can I be sure this won’t be the same?

I wish this wasn’t in my FAQs, but I’ve heard so many stories like this from my clients…  Please, if you have ANY concerns, look through my reviews here and on Facebook, call me, e-mail me, or set up a consultation!  Your boudoir experience should be an amazing one!

What about posing?  I don’t know how to “look sexy”.

That’s why I’m here!  Posing is something that requires a lot of experience to perfect, and I have spent my career doing just that.  I will create poses for you that are flattering for your body type, and I will coach you through them 100% of the way.  My BFA in Dance isn’t going to waste!

Will my photos end up on the internet?

I never share images outside of my studio without written consent from my clients.  At your ordering session, we will go through a “sharing preferences” form so you can let me know if/where you are comfortable sharing your photos.  It’s entirely up to you, and I will never pressure you into sharing your images.  All of the women on this site and on my social media pages have graciously decided to let their images be shared so that women like you can see how much they loved their session!

Can I bring my husband/significant other?

They are more than welcome to come to the consultation, but I do not permit anyone other than my client in the studio on session day.  I need your full focus to make sure these images are the absolute best they can be!

I would love to book a session for my wife! How do I set that up?

I love it when husbands are enthusiastic about their wives having this experience!  Boudoir by Wallflower was made for her.  So, show her the website and let her know how much you’d love it, and how much you know she’d love it!  Take her to my videos page, have her browse my images and before and afters, and be sure to show her the reviews and The Boudie Blog (especially the client interviews!).  Then, when she’s ready, have her get in touch!

How old do you have to be to schedule a shoot?

I require that my clients be at least 18 years old at the time of their consultation.  Also, while I love kids, I do ask that you not bring your children to your consultation, session, or ordering session.  The studio is not kid-friendly, and this is a time to focus on you for awhile!

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