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Boudoir by Wallflower is a women's boudoir photography studio in Wichita, Kansas.

I work with women of all backgrounds, from the most anxious to the most daring, and we create unbelievably beautiful and sexy images together!

A shoot with Boudoir by Wallflower is empowerment - something even the most powerful among us can use more of.

After spending over a decade in the photography business (with eight of those years dedicated just to boudoir), I can say one thing for certain:

You're going to love it!


based in wichita, kansas


Photographer + dancer + model = a unique combination that brings you an experience unlike any other!

As a dancer, I spent 14 years learning my body, choreographing, and creating beauty with my body and those of other dancers.

As a model, I've been in over 150 photo shoots, honing my posing skills and learning what does and doesn't work.

As a photographer, I've directed women in over 850 boudoir photo shoots, and seen countless women in tears when they finally see how beautiful they are.

I was made for this. For you.

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